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My Background

Hobbiest...amateur...entrepreneur...of photography for fun! I have taken many pictures while traveling the globe and have decided it is time to take the next step...it is time to test my talent or lack there of and see where it takes me! Join me on the journey. Check my Instagram and twitter feeds as duckfatcoma explores the world through photography!

Trashy Photography

I am surrounded both by Portland Trash and Beauty...you decide which is which! I use my camera to document my home town and the world around me...and then create images with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. My pictures tell my stories and those of others.

Sharing is Caring

I care about the world around me...and will share my view through the lens with you here! Check back often to see it as it evolves and watch for photo books to purchase and share with the world around you. Every day presents us with an opportunity to give or take...you decide.

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